Unfair Competition: Trademark Infringement and Misappropriation

Trademark infringement and misappropriation are two major cases of unfair competition. There are also many other situations that fall into the category of unfair competition: false advertising, use of confidential information by former employee to solicit customers, theft of trade secrets, false representation of products or services, etc. No matter the ground of your case of unfair competition, our lawyers will bring to justice any commercial behavior or activity that is legally unjust.

Unfair Competition Legal Experts: "Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest

OurĀ litigation law firm in Bucharest provides legal counseling on unfair competition to corporations as well as to local and foreign investors. Our attorneys are specialized in unfair competition and other interconnecting areas. We rely our legal success on the hard-work and expertise of:

Unfair Competition - Case Status

The lawyer in charge with your unfair competition case will analyze the violations that cause an economic injury to your business, investigating the wrongful business practice of your competition. We believe that keeping the client informed is key to building long-term partnerships; therefore, the unfair competition lawyer assigned will periodically inform you on the status of your case.