Legal Services in Bucharest : "Corina Popescu" Law Office

"Corina Popescu" law firm in Romania offers a wide range of legal services in Bucharest and all over the country: legal advice, non-litigating consulting, as well as legal representation and legal assistance before legal courts, courts of arbitration and other legal bodies.


"Corina Popescu" Law Office - counsellor in legal services in Bucharest

Our clients can confidently rely on our attorneys for:

  • Consultations on commercial, real estate, financial and civil law;

  • Legal writing, legislative and due dilligence reports, preliminary contract and full contract drafting, execution of preliminary and full contracts, AGA decision drafting, AGA decision annulement or suspension, legal writing before the European Court of Human Rights, drafting official requests for information of public interest;

  • Representation and assistance in negotiations, representation before the National Trade Register Office, representation against shareholders and business partners, representation before the National Office for Cadastre and Land Registration and the Electronic Archive for Secured Transactions, representation before the National Agency of Fiscal Administration and the Public Finance Administration, representation before public institutions and public authorities;

  • Debt analysis and debt recovery, insolvency procedures, contestations upon contract execution and fiscal documents, commercial arbitrage and forced executions, foreign investments, claim and damage actions, dismemberments of ownership rights and ancillary rights, criminal liability;

  • Litigations between shareholders and business partners, contentious administrative and contravening contentious administrative litigations, litigations upon information of public interest, financial and real estate litigations, civil and commercial litigations;

  • Company divisions and mergers, company dissolution, liquidation or deregistration;

  • Consultations on internal proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and consultations prior to ECHR apprehension;

"Corina Popescu" Law Office: professional legal services in Bucharest

All the legal services provided by our office in Bucharest, Romania, i.e. contract drafting, documentation or legal assistance and advice, are a guarantee of high quality and professionalism.

"Corina Popescu" Law Office - counsellor in legal services in Bucharest

  1. commercial law
  2. company law
  3. civil law
  4. real estate law
  5. human rights (ECHR lawyer)
  6. tax law
  7. contentious administrative
  8. information of public interest