Legal Advice in Romania: Various Legal Areas

Our law office provides legal advice in various legal areas, litigious and non-litigious cases, as well as in representations before legal authorities and legal courts. We can successfully cover:

Legal advice in Romania: Foreign Investment

If you have a project of foreign direct investment in Romania, you should consider receiving proper legal advice services in Romania. It is highly important that you receive top-quality legal advice at the start of a foreign investment project in Romania. Getting legal advice from an investment lawyer in Romania helps you fully understand the legal status of your project, your legal position and your relationship with the authorities and other parties involved in your project of investment.

Legal Advice in Romania: At Your Service

Attorneys at "Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest can provide legal advice in many different legal areas in Romania: from litigation, intellectual property, corporate and criminal law to labor law, bankruptcy, family law, and real estate. With regard to any of these issues, our attorneys in Romania can draft contracts, mortgages, and separation agreements, assisting in tax returns, establishing trust funds and planning estates.