"Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest

With a team of competent attorneys, "Corina Popescu" Law Office in Romania has earned the respect of its clients as a result of the numerous achievements in legal advice, legal representation and legal assistance in court proceedings.


Law firm from Romania: a wide range of legal services

Our clients, mostly Romanian and foreign commercial firms, as well as foreign investors, benefit from a wide range of services in various legal areas provided by our Romanian attorneys.


Business Consulting in Romania: legal assistance and legal advice in Romania

"Corina Popescu" Law Office provides clients with professional legal support in matters of commercial law, corporate law, real estate law, fiancial law, civil law and civil rights before the European Court of Human Rights, contentious administrative issues and information of public interest. Our lawyers have the ability and the expertise to assist our clients in business consulting in Romania, company start up, commercial contract drafting, winding up business company incorporation in Romania, and many more.

Civil Law: Legal Assistance in Romania

Our lawyers in Bucharest can provide proficient legal assistance under the form of legal commercial consultations, guidance in commercial, corporate, civil, financial and real estate litigations, representations before the National Trade Register Office, legal writing as required in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, legal consultations on financial matters, as well as legal support in contentious contravening and administrative litigations, writing official requests of information of public interest and litigations concerning such information.

Legal Assistance and Legal Advice on Public Law

Our clients benefit from the large experience of our attorneys in dealing with cases of administrative law, constitutional and administrative litigations, public acquisitions, foreign direct investments in Romania, information of public interest, human rights and legal proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, etc.


European Court of Human Rights: ECHR lawyer

Our Romanian Attorneys can protect the interests of our clients in the field of human rights by providing them with both legal advice in internal proceedings and legal representation before the European Court of Human Rights.

Romanian Attorneys: complete and professional services

In order to provide clients with complete and professional consulting, "Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest cooperates with professionals such as: notaries public, judicial experts, officers of the court, authorized translators, insolvency experts, etc.


Enrollment in Paris Bar

Showing fidelity to the requests and to the collaboration with our francophone clients, we proudly announce our enrollment in Paris Bar since May 2013.