Major Winding Up Business Outlooks

We provide you with the best legal solutions when it comes to winding up a business, a partnership or a company. Most often, the process of winding up a business requires complicated procedures that may lead to legal problems for the client. Therefore, the presence of an attorney with a large experience in the Romanian legal system is more than recommended.

Winding Up A Businesses  - "Corina Popescu" Litigation Firm in Bucharest

Our lawyers have the proper skills and enough experience to carry out your winding-up business strategy in cost-effective terms.  We can handle various winding-up business cases such as:

  • Sole trader business
  • Partnership
  • Solvent company
  • Business with employees

Our office in Bucharest puts at your disposal insolvency lawyers and debt recovery lawyers that have the ability to assist you in any of the winding-up business cases above.

Winding Up A Businesses  - Legal Matters

Receiving proper legal counseling is an important matter if you are initiating a winding up business procedure. The winding-up business process brings into play a host of issues that need to be addressed: selling the assets, paying off creditors, distributing excess holdings to owners or members, etc. No matter the nature of the winding-up business procedure, you will always benefit from some of the best business consulting service in Romania.