Insolvency Lawyers at "Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest

The insolvency lawyers at "Corina Popescu" Litigation Law Firm have considerable expertise in commercial law andbusiness consulting in Romania. Considering that timing is crucial in insolvency cases, we can ensure that our insolvency lawyers show great responsiveness in cases of debt recovery and winding up procedures.

Insolvency Lawyer - Professional Responsibilities

An insolvency lawyer plays a variety of roles for a business. For example, if you are a creditor, an insolvency lawyer will help extract payment from debtors or debtor companies. In the latter case, an insolvency lawyer will help with thewinding up-business proceedings. Therefore, an insolvency lawyer can very easily comply with the responsibilities of adebt recovery lawyer.

Insolvency Lawyers - Best Results

Generally, having the best insolvency lawyers on your side is the guarantee of a successful case, and that, we can ensure! However, if clients are not completely honest with their insolvency lawyers, the debt recovery or the winding up business procedure may not be efficacious. Therefore, you need to inform your insolvency lawyer on the management accounts, company liabilities - everything that is relevant to your business. Please be aware that all our attorneys in Romania, including our insolvency lawyers, have signed a confidentiality agreement that is in place.