ECHR Lawyer - We Protect Your Rights

"Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest has a team of lawyers at your service. Our attorneys can provide legal assistance in Romania and in Europe. Our ECHR lawyers have a considerable experience in drafting, handling, and pleading legal cases before European Court of Human Rights.

ECHR Lawyer Corina Popescu

ECHR Lawyer Corina Popescu, owner of "Corina Popescu" Litigation Firm located in Bucharest, is an experienced specialist in human rights. Corina Popescu works closely with ECHR Lawyer Corneliu-Liviu Popescu - Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law, specialized in litigation before the European Court of Human Rights.

ECHR Lawyers Services

Our ECHR lawyers will take your case to the European Court of Human Rights if:

  • You are a victim of a violation of an article of the European Convention;
  • You have pursued all of the proceedings available in Romania in order to obtain an adequate remedy for the breach of your rights;

The ECHR Lawyers at "Corina Popescu" Law Office have the competence to comply with the legal written procedures and the hearing representations requested by the European Community of Human Rights.