Debt Recovery Lawyer on the Case

Our debt recovery lawyers have the skills and the experience to proceed to debt recovery proceeding from any of the debtors below:.

  • people who own a personal loan
  • people who use a credit card excessively
  • people who do not pay a home loan/home mortgage from several reasons

The debt recovery lawyers in our litigation law firm in Bucharest do not exercise any threat of violence or cause any damage to the debtors.

Debt Recovery Lawyers - Case Stages

Before anything else, the debt recovery lawyers in our office ensure that debt is recoverable, and therefore, that the debt recovery procedure is likely to succeed in court or not. Then, the debt recovery lawyer proceeds to a debt recovery strategy that last about 40 days. Our debt recovery lawyers will handle:

  • a payment reminder epistolary
  • a telephone reminder
  • a reminder by the official agency to which one supports
  • the second reminder letter
  • the formal legal proceeding

If there are no reports that the debtor has paid the drafting, the debt recovery lawyer will move on to the court proceedings.

Debt Recovery Lawyers - Case Stages

At "Corina Popescu" Law Office, all lawyers, including debt recovery lawyers comply with confidentiality agreement terms that compel them to respect the client’s affairs. Therefore, any information obtained by a debt recovery lawyer with regard to their clients' affairs will remain confidential and will not be used for the benefit of people who were not authorized by the client.