Commercial contract drafting: Commercial Law And Corporate Law

"Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest has a team of lawyers specialized in commercial and corporate law. Handling commercial contract drafting during processes of company start up in Romania or company incorporation in Romania is one of the many responsibilities they can successfully comply with, no matter the commercial or the business terms.

Commercial Contract Drafting Musts

In all commercial contract-drafting cases, there are some rules that all attorneys in Romania, and from anywhere else for that matter, need to obey. Here are some rules that our attorneys do not neglect whenever they need to carry out commercial contract drafting:

  • identifying the parties of the commercial contract, drafting covenants and conditions of performance;
  • defining a commercial contract effective date and drafting the fees in the event of a contract dispute;
  • stating the method for resolving disputes and defining rights and obligations;
  • include invalid penalty clauses for breach of contract and a choice of law clause;

Commercial contract drafting: Working Method

Our attorneys' experience in dealing with commercial contract drafting has taught them that there are no predetermined contract forms or patterns. Therefore, the titular attorney assigned to handle your case will focus on personalizing your commercial contract drafting to suit the objectives of your company and to keep your business away from conflicting terms and out of litigious situations.