Attorney Romania: "Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharestt

The attorneys at "Corina Popescu" Law Office can provide full legal assistance services in Romania and abroad. All the attorneys in our Romanian office have signed a confidentiality agreement that protects the client's personal and business information.

Attorney Romania: Full-Time Assistance

An appointed titular attorney from our Romanian office will handle your case; according to the complexity of the file, one or several associate attorneys will assist them in all the legal proceedings. In Romania, the appointed attorney manages every stage of the legal process and the client receives periodical detailed updates on their case.

Attorney Romania: Areas of Expertise

The attorneys in our Romanian office are representatives of the clients who are able to perform multiple functions. They can be advisors, intermediaries, and evaluators. If, for example, you need the help of our attorneys in dealing with company start up in Romaniabusiness consulting, unfair competition or winding up businesses, "Corina Popescu Law Office" will provide you with full legal support.