"Corina Popescu" Law Office in Bucharest : Service Fees

The fees for the legal advice and legal services in Bucharest provided by "Corina Popescu" Law Office may vary as follows:

1) flat fees
2) hourly charges
3) hearing fees
4) contingency fees
5) periodical retainers
6) any of these fees combined

19% VAT charges apply to all the fees above, except for the legal exemptions.


Legal Counselling and Legal Assistance in Romania : Flat Fees

In the case of real-estate or commercial litigations, our fee policy provides that we charge flat fees for each legal action, including forced executions and retrials of an earlier proceeding.

The payment of flat fees is due within 10 days from the date of issue of the invoice, at the latest, by the term of the legal proceeding for which the invoice was issued, i.e. before an agreement on the forced execution is reached.

The flat fees may vary according to the complexity and the value of the litigation, the estimated length of the legal services, the legal body arbitrating the litigation, and the client’s demands regarding the attendance of the titular attorney. We reserve the right to renegotiate the flat fees if, independently of our will, the initial estimation does not correspond to the current situation.

Legal Counselling and Legal Services in Bucharest : Hourly Charges

Our law firm usually applies hourly charges to legal consultancy services. However, there may be real-estate or commercial litigations that we charge at hourly fees as well. In such cases, depending on the location of the litigation, together with the client we agree in advance on a specific number of hours for each trial setting. The hourly charges may vary between €85 and €150, depending on the complexity of the case.

Hourly charges are invoiced periodically. The invoices contain a description of the provided legal services. The payment of hourly charges is due at most within 10 days from the date of issue of the invoice.

Consultanta si asistenta juridica : onorariile pe termen de judecata

In cazul litigiilor care se desfasoara in afara Bucurestiului, politica de onorarii consta in stabilirea unui onorariu forfetar, in functie de activitatea estimata a se desfasura la sediul cabinetului nostru de avocatura (studiu si pregatire dosar, redactare documente), la care se adauga un onorariu pe termen de judecata, convenit anticipat cu clientul. Acest din urma onorariu este menit sa acopere cheltuielile de deplasare (transport, cazare, diurna) si imposibilitatea desfasurarii activitatilor juridice in timpul deplasarii respective.

Plata onorariilor pe termen de judecata se face, in baza facturii emise, cel mai tarziu in ziua termenului de judecata corespunzator.

Legal Counselling and Legal Assistance: Hearing Fees

In the case of litigations outside Bucharest, the fee policy provides that flat flees apply according to the estimated legal activity within our law office (case study and preparation, drafting, etc) together with a hearing fee, previously agreed upon by the client. The hearing fee is meant to cover all travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, etc) and the impossibility of performing any other legal office activities during the travel.

The payment of the hearing fee is due upon the issue of the invoice, at the latest by the term of the hearing.

Legal Counselling and Legal Assistance: Contingency Fees

In certain situations, according to the object and the nature of the cause, the client can agree on a specific contingency fee. The contingency fee adds to the flat fees initially agreed upon by the client and can represent a percentage of the value of the subject of litigation or of the project, or a sum of money agreed upon in advance. The payment of the contingency fee is usually due within 10 days from the date of the final an irrevocable court decision or from the end date of the project.

Legal Counselling and Legal Assistance: Periodical Retainers

This type of fee applies to legal consultancy services provided particularly to commercial companies or to any other type of client, according to the object and the nature of their case. Periodical retainers are usually monthly payments formerly agreed upon by the client. They can be a fix amount of money, in Ron or Euro, and they are meant to cover the legal counselling provided to the client for a specific period of time, within the limit of a specific number of hours formerly agreed upon. The payment of the periodical retainers is due within 10 days from the date of issue of the invoice.